Who are these people?

Royce Blake- Phoenix,AZ

Royce has been a marketer, speaker, author and broadcaster for almost 30 years.


He began his speaking career (and Radio career) while still in high school. As a participant in the Lion’s club student speaker contest in 1975, he progressed to the regional finals representing the states of California and Nevada.


Royce has directed several successful advertising campaigns resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue to his clients.


Campaigns have included direct mail, broadcast, Email and print. He has run his own seminar business, consulting business and is an author.

Royce became a member of the National Speakers Association in 1993. He also has been a professional broadcaster since 1977. 


Working at stations across the country and interviewing hundreds of celebrities, many of whom remain friends.


He is a pilot (flew with the Blue Angels, as a passenger/part time pilot), holds a black belt in

Shito-Ryu Karate and a brown belt in Judo.


He’s been married for 34 years (to the same woman) and has two children.

Contact Royce at royce@plentyofcustomers.com

Our Fearless Leader...

Jim Ackerman

-Salt Lake City,UT

Jim Ackerman is the developer of the

Principle-Centered Marketing Coaching Program.


He is a nationally known speaker, author, columnist and marketing copywriter


who has helped literally thousands of businesses of all sizes to achieve remarkable growth in stunningly short periods of time.


He has conducted over 300 of his one-day workshops, has published The Marketing Wizards Allinace Newsletter for over a decade. 


Has over 100 audio titles to his name and continues to work with clients one-on-one to maximize their profits while minimizing their marketing investment.


His clients include companies like Lennox, Nature’s Way, Body by Jake, Nature’s Sunshine, Chem-Dry, Novell, Franklin Covey, Orlimar...


And an almost uncountable collection of small to mid-size businesses.


He has helped every kind of business from a rock shop to a fertility doctor. It’s a sure bet Jim can help you dramatically grow your business.

Contact Jim at 800.584.7585 or email him at          mail@ascendmarketing.com

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