Why do PCM Coaching Program Clients Implement & Achieve Positive Results at a rate 7.5 to 66.42 TIMES GREATER than participants of other programs…??? 
Because ONLY The Principle-Centered Marketing Coaching Program delivers a complete learning/skill/system-building program.
To discover for yourself, why you can be confident you really can succeed!
Take a look at just some of the resources in the PCM Coaching Program. Even if you’ve tried all kinds of other things before and came up short of expectations, or failed all together.



Marketing Plan with Budget & Schedule, addressing all 3 areas of marketing growth

Incentive-based Referral System

Your Unique Purchase Appeal

“Library” of Features & Benefits, Offers & Headlines

Upselling systems

Building your “Powermid of Profits”

Copywriting skills

Sales skills

Guest/Host Joint Ventures

Testing & Tracking systems

Direct Mail systems and campaigns

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Far more than a weekly “cheerleading” call, this content-rich program is tantamount to a Master’s Degree program in marketing.

In fact, it is far more than that… more meaningful, more directly applicable to your business, more tailored to your specific needs, more adaptable to the results you generate, more timeless in its usefulness…


Because it is Principle-Centered.


Here is the process you’ll experience in building your marketing skills and systems…

You’ll receive a, 24 chapter manual, supplementary materials, software, forms and templates, and a set of audio sessions,


All to be used as assignment material during the course of the 6-month program.

You’ll complete and submit a comprehensive Marketing Needs Analysis, designed to take a “snapshot” of your marketing efforts currently and in the past. 


Along with assessing your current level of marketing skill. You’ll also submit samples of your current and past marketing efforts.

You’ll engage in an initial telephone conference, during which you and your Certified Coach will review your Needs Analysis for details, added insights, etc.


During that call, you and your Coach will establish a time for a regularly scheduled telephone appointment.


These appointments typically last about 40-50 minutes. Your Coach will also make your first assignments.

You are responsible for completing your marketing assignments for each session and forwarding them to your Coach at least 24 hours prior to your regularly scheduled phone conference.


Plan on spending 1 hour per working day on your program. Of course, you can cram, but that will defeat one of the major benefits of the program…


Building the HABIT of working ON your business, instead of IN your business.

You’ll have Ascend Marketing’s collection of resources at your disposal, including turnkey marketing systems.


Promotions and programs, creative personnel, design and production capabilities. 


All available to you at deep discounts. Some are even FREE!

At the conclusion of the Program you will receive a Certificate of Completion. But by that time, you will have received far more.


You will have received the knowledge and built the habits, skills, & systems that will serve your business and marketing goals for the rest of your career.

And you will have also gained the confidence and control you’ve been looking for. 


So you’re running your business and you’re not at the mercy of sales reps, consultants and agencies.

The point is, this program is customized for, and responsive to, your specific needs. And it works… Guaranteed!

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